Before coming to Upfront Recovery for your stay, make sure to bring at least 10 outfits, including 5 shorts and 5 pants, short-sleeved shirts, as well as some sweaters for night time walks or chilly days. Additionally, you should bring your own bathing suit, as there may be some local trips to the beach – don’t forget to bring sun block! You should also pack several changes of exercise clothes. It’s recommended to also bring eye masks and earplugs in case you have any troubles sleeping in our facility. Furthermore, it is also important to have appropriate clothing for a therapeutic atmosphere – nothing to sexually revealing or distracting from others to get better. No drugs or alcohol-related clothing, no clothing depicting violence, no gang clothing, no clothing that shows too much revealing skin, for example, extremely short shorts. Families can ship personal items into the center for their loved ones.

All personal belongings are subject to being searched at any time for your own safety. Towels and sheets will also be provided. Please don’t bring any knives or weapons, as there’s no reason for self-defense or violence. We are a place of tranquil peace and weapons can only bring harm. Please bring your own toiletries, such as toothbrushes and mouthwash, as well as your own pajamas. You can bring any electronics after the case manager has authorized it. You may bring small laptops or tablets, but full on desktops are not permitted. Do not bring any valuables, as you will be living in a community setting. However, there are storage facilities available to lock away your personal belongings.

Advice for IOP

If your family members would like to give their loved ones money for your purchases, your family can deposit any amount of money into your account. This is known as the M.O.B. (Money On Books) Program. A prepaid $50 debit card will be issued to you weekly for a variety of purchases. This is for the protection of the guest as well as the rehab facility. All of your cash will be held in a locked cabinet with several other personal items. No client can have any cash on their person at any time. Clients will also be taken to larger stores such as Target or Walmart on the weekends in order to purchase items that may have been overlooked or forgotten in the process of packing.