Outpatient Program (OP)

There is both the Intensive Outpatient Program as well as Outpatient Program. Both IOP and OP have group and individual therapy, 12 step modalities, as well as a mentorship component. In addition to assisting you with becoming sober, we will also help you with getting a new start with your academic and career path. Various programs available through our network of providers for treatment offer support to students who need help attaining their academic goals. Services include counseling for life skills, academic counseling, college application assistance, tutoring/study time, transportation to and from campus, help with job searching, providing practice job interviews, as well as helping with registration.

The outpatient program is designed for clients who have established a sobriety period, and once stabilized, participate in a lower level of care to build on what they have learned from their IOP program or from a different facility.

The outpatient program is a live-in transitional work/school program. Clients are provided with the option, to go to school, work, or function in their daily lives, while also benefitting from flexibly structured programming in the morning or evening. This program is created for individuals who would not like to take a break/hiatus from work or school for recovery and would like to achieve recovery in a typical life setting.

Therapists build off of the treatment plan that was created by client and case manager. Furthermore, they use different therapeutic techniques to explore more into the client’s past, present, and future goals. The primary goal of the outpatient is reintegration into society as well as focusing on employment and education.

The client’s goals are geared towards self-sufficiency as well as reintegration into society. At Upfront Recovery, our network of providers for treatment understand the importance of not over-treating nor under-treating clients. Treatment requires the client to attend group therapy 6 hours per week and also attend 1 hour per week for an individual session with a therapist. The client can also meet with a case manager, as needed.

The main focus is on learning life skills, building resumes, budgeting, and learning how to handle the everyday stressors of life outside of treatment. The outpatient program is designed for people who have their own car and are comfortable using local transit and can commute to places. Outpatient programs are geared for clients looking to relocate to southern California, which is a superb location for recovery with over 3,000 12-step meetings occurring each week. We help you to continue building a fellowship in the local recovery community.

We help you to continue building a fellowship in the local recovery community.


The network of providers for treatment will have the program director as well as additional staff write to court systems, judges, etc, to inform them on the progress the client has made, as well as go over the assessments, therapy, and testing results that the individual has completed in the program.