picture-uh=c293c9f662bf12d149b6c729423e13c7-ps=8cdc8f68b3478bea437442f7dfd50With the assistants of our Upfront Recovery specialists, we can assist in identifying various needs relating to the treatment of substance abuse and alcohol addiction, whether it be sober living, detoxification, rehabilitation or psychological recovery.

Why look for help?

Over the years, the medical community has unanimously decided that addiction is in fact a mental disease. Similar to how you yourself aren’t suited to place a cast on your own broken bone, you would see outside help for your disease. This principle applies to alcohol and drug addiction, which affects over 23 million citizens as reported by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. Though there is a stigma attached to addiction, you can rest assured that you are not alone and therefore, it is almost normal to be an addict.

What sets Upfront Recovery Apart from the rest?

Unfortunately, not all drug rehabs are of the same quality and level that they should be. Here at Upfront Recovery, we will only place clients into drug treatment facilities that are on par with our essential list of standards. While enrolled you will receive help from experienced staff members, some of whom have been through the recovery process themselves, and understand the entire experience, from recovering from this illness to relapsing. With our specialists, our guests can learn how to start a new life and enjoy an unparalleled feeling of warmth and security.

Where do I start?

picture-uh=9afc85a76c3631529d6f42166ae06b-ps=69bb58b6aa48db4697d294240c9811dThe absolute, vital step in rehab, and for many it is the first, is for the addict to admit that he or she has a problem. Our drug rehab facilities have a successful track record, but are useless to those who are not interest in being helped. Clinically managed detox is designed to safely and comfortably support each client through the detoxification process. Case managers provide intensive evaluations in order to determine the level of support that is needed by each individual in the program.

What’s next?

After a guest has been checked into a drug rehab, the most difficult, and equally important step is detoxification. A detox helps the client overcome their physical addiction and depending on the individual situation, clients will receive the exact amount of support they need throughout this process. Upfront Recovery LLC uses a clinically managed detox to allow for the comfort and safety of each client. The body’s dependency is only the first battle – behavioral modification must occur and it is the foundation of the problem.