Which Program is the best for my addiction?

Standalone Residential Treatment Centers:

Here at Upfront Recovery we know that there is a variety of addiction personality types and because of that, we’ve set up several different programs, one of which is located at our standalone residential treatment center which is a facility that centers on the treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism and dual diagnosis. Patients usually live within the addiction treatment facility 24 hours a day and receive the support of an addiction professional team. Although these programs may contain other components of care, from day treatment to partial bed rest, the main priority is in providing 24-hour quality care for our guests. Free-standing addiction treatment programs are also capable of providing drug and alcohol detox. 20 days is the average duration of stay in these addiction treatment centers – a residential center that is federally funded may have a 3 to 6 month length of stay. Call Upfront Recovery and we will be excited to help you in finding quality addiction treatment programs or alcohol treatment centers that meet your needs.

Hospital Based Rehabilitation Unit:

Hospital programs are carried out on a detox unit in various hospitals. These units are ideal for clients who have developed frequent or severe psychiatric problems. The duration of this kind of detox program is usually much less than a standalone addiction facility’s detox program because of the intent on eliminating medical issues and offering alcohol or illicit substance detox services. In many cases, clients will be sent to a standalone program after a hospital detox in order to complete the rest of the treatment. If you need assistance in finding a drug rehab center or addiction recovery program, contact Upfront Recovery.

Long Term Treatment/Extended Care:

Extended care treatment programs are designed for people who have completed anywhere from 14 to 30 days of an inpatient treatment program and may need further assistance for their recovery. Criteria for long-term addiction treatment includes the following symptoms:
-Continuous drug-seeking behavior post recovery
-History of relapse after treatment
-Rehab dropouts

90 days is the approximate duration of stay. Upfront Recovery will assist you in determining if you need this kind of addiction treatment and help you locate a quality long-term addiction treatment center that meets your needs.

Therapeutic Communities:

Originating in the 1960s free love movement, therapeutic treatment proved to be helpful in recovery. Now, many therapeutic communities have realized that strong effects of meditation and connecting with nature in terms of living a sober life.