Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is basically a type of a treatment provided for an average of 10-12 hours a week, usually for chemical dependency, depression, anxiety, self- harm, and eating disorders that is not solely detox based. The program we include is both IOP and OP, while also providing both individual and group sessions. With a 12 step program and a mentorship component, we realize the major issues in life. You see, we know how addiction and drugs can interfere with your academic growth. That is why we provide for various programs for career professionals, students, and others. This helps them follow their heart content to improving their careers and education while also focusing on a healthy, sober lifestyle.


Not only that, but we can also help you start off a better phase of your career and academic life. We can help you by tutoring advice in a one-on-one manner as a counseling, to help each client attain their goals. Assistance with any kind of college issues or even job search will be no longer hectic. With our help, everything will be done in no time.

When you apply for an IOP, you will have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation test initially, performed by our expert staff. A specific managing member of our staff will be appointed to the client. This member will hold a meeting with you every week, so that you can get an overview of matters and let him know how you have been doing. These will be hourly and won’t take much of your time.

If need be, they will also be able to check for any medical issues and provide you with a proper prescription of medicine you need to take in order for the process to be completed without any delays. Another test carried out in the first week is the Addiction Severity Index Evaluation, which shows in detail, exactly what portion of your life needs treatment and in what manner. This means that this test will be essential to follow up with the best kind of treatment. The team would then be able to create an orderly plan for the way everything is going to go about.

This plan can also be customized by you if it does not suit your needs. You can adjust the timings to cope with the schedule. Moreover, once this is being implemented your personal manager would contact your family and close relatives to be informed if you are improving or not. In fact, if your addiction issues are very serious, you can even let us handle all of your legal issues if there are any. Your personal manager would address all legal matters. Most of the senior staff has great relationships with the judges and probation officers. Therefore the manager will be able to send progress reports and such, to let them know how you are improving.

Letters of attendance, completion certificates, graduation etc. are also among the things we can send to judges and probation officers. But apart from the legal life, the common life practices will also be focused on and strategies will be taught to live by a much easier routine. Some skills taught are:
 Relapse Prevention
 Budgeting Finances
 Job Search and Resume
 Education Skills
 Relaxation Skills
 Family Systems
All this, in addition to discussing any psychological traits present, will make up for an integral part of the treatment.

Finally, the discharge system; this is very significant and proves to be the most important feature through the program. It is our duty to make sure that all our clients are well supported and provided with complete long-term aftercare options. Your case manager will work with you to devise the perfect plan to suit your needs.

During IOP, there are also additional things in routine to keep the client healthy and improve his lifestyle. This includes exercise 5 times a week where the client goes to a gym to work out. Group meetings are held to relieve anxiety issues through therapy. Sleep is regulated and refined. There are some conditions for participation, for example the practitioner must be medically fit.

shutterstock_221566903PROGRESS LETTERS

The time for treatment can be from a mere 30 days to half a year. But being open-minded, you can also be asked to stay for a further time period for which you must agree for you own. Furthermore, transportation and culinary services will be provided. Food will be of high quality prepared by expert chefs.

Progress letters will be provided after assessment, while a workbook would be given to you. There would be a timeline also present to record your treatment and previous drug life as well. With that and a daily schedule to top it off, we will provide for the best treatment you can get!