Detoxification is the first door through which clients pass to treatment. You or your loved one will be evaluated, stabilized, and supported while being prepared for treatment. Detoxification gives an opportunity to intervene in the middle of a crisis and help encourage a client to make effective changes in the direction of their lives. The professional clinical staff will use this time to help foster a therapeutic alliance while the client is being stabilized physically.

Many different variables are considered in creating a treatment plan for this stage of recovery:

  • Potential for Relapse
  • Physical, Sensory, or Cognitive Disabilities
  • Past Substance Abuse Treatment Attempts
  • Toxicology Screening for Commonly Used Substances
  • Patterns & Substances of Use
  • General Physical Condition
  • Mental Status
  • General Health History

A thorough evaluation will help to pinpoint the level of support that each individual needs for detoxification. Upfront Recovery’s focus is on maintaining a strong relationship between staff and client that is always supportive, never judgmental, and always empathetic. Your well-being and comfort are of highest importance during this at times difficult initial step towards recovery.