Residential Inpatient Program

Here at Upfront Recovery, our guests will have the opportunity to enter our residential program once he or she has completed our clinically managed detoxification. This is an environment designed to be stable and safe as well as promotes positive habits. Our guests will also be able to participate in an extensive alcohol and/or drug rehab recovery program as they learn about addiction in an environment that gives comprehensive support. The residential programs are also specially designed to accommodate our guest’s type of addiction and will be focused on helping to heal the entire body, mind, and spirit, with significant emotional support. The shared experience and understanding makes an almost crucial difference when it comes to completing treatment for alcohol and drugs. Some guests are loners and in fact benefit from being alone, and that’s perfectly fine – we don’t want to push a type of technique if it isn’t your type to be in, but in many cases, residing in a community of individuals in recovery that promotes collective encouragement and mutual support for each other’s success is pivotal for sustained sobriety.

The programs that are offered by Upfront Recovery’s network of providers for treatment include different individual and 12 step programs, group therapy, informative sessions, as well as meetings with case managers, in addition to time for outdoor exercise and exciting outings to new locations. Each weekday, our residents will have the opportunity to have group meetings to discuss experienced feelings, conflicts, challenges, changes, issues, and problems that may arise throughout the recovery process. This is a good strategy for not only personal conflict management but conflict management for those around you. Furthermore, our guests will also have an in-depth discussion and informational session such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous groups, relapse prevention, and/or emotions management. Residential treatment programs provide a multifaceted approach to addiction recovery that provides a rich environment specifically built and structured to be safe and comfortable. In addition to a successful recovery, you will also have a strong aftercare plan following treatment to look forward to, so that you won’t be alone in your struggle when you leave the facility. There will also be an intensive level of care that offers luxury housing facilities and meals prepared by our private chefs each day. We also provide 24/7 support to all of our clients.